Vision, Mission & Value


Our Vision

To be the affordable and quality international education provider that enable students to develop the know-how to achieve their professional goals, improve productivity in their organizations and provide values to their communities.

Our Mission

To be the trusted international education provider in Myanmar in providing affordable and quality education that;

  • nurtures future leaders that contribute to the development of our communities and Myanmar,
  • creates highly employable individuals with our international programs through quality education & research and
  • to build a world class research centre to help enrich and create local case studies and applied theories.

Our Corporate Value


We pledge to adopt a lifelong learning lifestyle, good work habits and positive attitude as a team to provide good leadership and innovative ideas through academic excellence and serviced-oriented culture to create better future for our students.

Our 5 Core Values


We foster a lifelong learning experience in our lives to better support and help our students and partners.


We practice a positive attitude in order to deliver our best to help our students and partners to achieve their goals.


We observe and follow a systematic and consistent actions in our daily work to provide quality service delivery to our students and partners.


We strive to provide strong leadership to our students to lead them to success.


We strive to provide innovative solutions and services to our students.