Miba University Is The Registered Training Center For InternntionAl Qualification NetworK (UK)

Bachelor Program

Miba University Is The Registered Training Center For InternntionAl Qualification NetworK (UK)

Awarded By :

Duration : 5 Months


IQN UK Qualifications and IQN are the trading names of International Qualifications Network Ltd. registered in Malaysia under LCA 1990. 4,500 exam centres spread around 175 countries. IQN approved 98 registered training centres in 42 countries to deliver their qualifications. More than 10,000 students registered exam from 164 countries

Course Objectives


Diploma in Human Resource Management includes the following contents:

The Practice of Human Resource Management, Organization, Factors Affecting Employee Behavior, Learning & Development, Recruitment, Selection, Monitoring and Managing Performance, Reward Management and Employee Relations.

Diploma in Hospitality Management includes the following contents:

Introduction to Hospitality Management, External Influences Affecting the Industry, The Growth of Global Hospitality Brands, The Accommodation Industry, The Food Service Industry, Food Production and Services, Quality Management in the Global Hospitality Industry.

Diploma in Business English includes the following contents:

Main Tense, Other forms, Auxiliaries and Modals, Sentence and Clause Types, Nouns, Adjectives and Adverbs, Determiners, Prepositions, Email, Doing Business, Marketing and Advertising, Business media and books.

Diploma in Marketing includes the following contents:

Market and Marketing, The Market Process Strategy and Planning, Customer Focus, The Marketing Environment, Buying Behavior, Market Segmentation and Positioning, Product, Place, Pricing, Promotion.

Certified Project Management Analyst (CPMA) includes the following contents:

Project Feasibility, Project Feasibility, Project Scope, Project Planning, Project Scheduling, Project People Management, Cost Estimation and Budgeting, Project Risk Management, Project Monitoring and Control, Project Termination and Closure Project Monitoring, termination and Reporting.

Certified Strategic Manager (CSM) includes the following contents:

Strategy Formulation, Strategy Planning, Strategy Evaluation and Selection, Strategy Implementation.