Miba University is the Partner For City Of Oxford College (UK)

Master Program

Miba University is the Partner For City Of Oxford College (UK)

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Duration : 6 Months


City of Oxford College is a further education college in Oxford England. It has two campuses – one in the city centre, and one in Blackbird Leys to the south east of Oxford city. Founded in 1960, and based at the current Blackbird Leys and Oxford city centre campuses, the Oxford College of Further Education offered courses to students at all levels.

Course Objectives


Professional Diploma in Business Management and Administration includes the following contents:

An Introduction to Management, Models of Management, Organisational Cultures and Contexts, Managing Internationally, Corporate Responsibility, Planning and Managing Strategy, Managing Marketing, Organisation Structure, Human Resource Management, Information Systems and E-Business, Creating Innovation and Change, Influencing, Motivating and Communicating, Developing teams, Business Accounting Overview, Managing Operations and Quality, Control and Performance Measurement, Finance and Budgetary Control.

Professional Diploma in Banking and Finance includes the following contents:

Introduction to general banking, Types of banking, Bank activities and services, Central banking and practices, Bank regulation and supervision, Bank failures and banking crises, Issues in bank management, Banking risk, Bank risk management, Introduction to International banking, The general background of limited companies, The financial statements of limited companies, Accounting standards and related documents, Accounting and financial ratios, Interpretation of financial statement of a limited company, Understand the financial market and the concept of interest rates and the time value of money, Introduction to financial institutions and intermediaries, Insurance company and investment company, Risk and Return of Assets, The common stock market and the futures & options market.

Professional Diploma in Construction Project Management includes the following contents:

Introduction to Project Delivery System, Documentation: Records and Reports, Specifications and Drawings, Using the Specifications in Contract Administration, Construction Laws and Labor Relations, Construction Safety, Meetings and Negotiations, Preconstruction Operations, Planning for Construction, CMP Scheduling for Construction, Construction Operations, Measurement and Payment, Construction Materials and Workmanship, Claims and Disputes Handling and Project Closeout.

Professional Diploma in International Marketing and Sales Management includes the following contents:

Introduction to international marketing, sales and exporting, International Marketing Development, The International Environment: Cultures, Economic forces and Competition, The International Environment: Government, Political and Legal forces, Market Selection, Information for International Marketing decisions, Market Entry Strategies, Entry Modes & Non Export entry modes, Product Decisions and Pricing Decisions, Financing and methods of payment, Promotion and marketing communication, Supply Chain Management and handling Export Orders.

Professional Diploma in Human Resource Management  includes the following contents:

Human Resource Management, Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and Workforce Diversity, Strategic Planning, Human Resource Planning and job Analysis, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management and Appraisal, Training and Development, Direct/ Indirect Financial Compensation, Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining, Internal Employee Relations, Employee Safety, Health and Wellness, Global Human Resource Management, Professional Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting.

Professional Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting  includes the following contents:

Introduction to Financial Statement, The Accounting Cycle, Merchandising, Financial Assets, Inventories and the cost of goods sold, Plant and intangible assets, Liability and Stockholders Equity & Income and retained earnings, Statement of Cash Flows, Financial Statement Analysis, Global Business Accounting & Management Accounting, job Order Cost Systems and Overhead Allocations, Process Costing, The Value Chain, Cost-Value-Profit Analysis and Incremental Analysis, Responsibility Accounting, Operational Budgeting and Standard Cost Systems, Rewarding Business Performance and Capital Budgeting.

Diploma in Business English includes the following 5 modules:

English Grammar, Writing Essays, Workplace English, Business Communication, Effective speaking and presentation